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Perbedaan (1) Dan (2)

(1) Mau cari pengalaman lagi
(2) mau cari pengalaman lain

Jika (1) berarti kita belum puas
Sedangkan (2) sebaliknya.


President Obama’s Star Wars/Star Trek flub has sci-fi geeks madder than Professor Who that time Optimum Prime broke the flux capacitator on the Battleship Galactica.

Click the gif to watch Stephen Colbert’s coverage of the outrage.


Child Who Just Lost Balloon Begins Lifelong Battle With Depression: Full Report

Me at middle


Instagrammers in Chelyabinsk Document Meteor Landing

Moments after fragments of a meteor entered the earth’s atmosphere over the southern Ural Mountains early Friday, Instagrammers from the Russian city of Chelyabinsk began posting photos of the meteor’s glowing trail.

The meteor, which lit up the sky about 950 miles east of Moscow, sent a shockwave through the area that shattered windows and injured many people. After the impact, Chelyabinsk resident Сергей Устюжанин (@ustyuzhanin) set out to determine exactly what had happened. Through Instagram, he shared with his friends and the world real-time photos of scenes he encountered in and around the city. “A lot of people in our city didn’t know what happened at the beginning,” he says, “so I used Instagram as a way to share what I saw.”

To see more photos that document the meteorite and its aftermath, view Сергей’s photos and browse the #метеорит and #Chelyabinsk hashtags.

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